Captain Smart Reveals Two Killer Problems Affecting Africans Of Which Ghana Is Part.


Multiple award winning broadcast journalist Captain Smart has revealed two problems that is killing Africa of which Ghana is part. After his suspension from Accra base Angel FM, Captain Smart has setup his own podcast to address some of the alarming and challenging problems affecting the country. In his recent episode on Smart TV, Captain Smart stated two things that is killing the African continent.

He started that religion is the first killer disease of Africa. In explaining his point, he added that Africans spend most of their time in the church. He continued that where Jesus Christ was born do not spend all their time in the church.

He added that instead of worshipping God in faith and spirit we rather worship God in the church. “Let me say this any country that can be identified as just a religious country without any social advancement and improvement it’s a useless country” Captain Smart stated.

He also attacked men of God who instead of adding their voice to issues affecting the country will rather choose to predict who will win elections in the election season.

Captain stated that the second problem killing Arica is the media of which he is part. He explained that s some journalists are hypocrites and political affiliation of some media personalities are affecting Africa. He also added that journalists don’t report problems as they are due to their political affiliation.

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