Here's How Car Speed Limiters Work

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About ten years ago, a 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron car set a production speed record of 431.1 km per hour. The buyers of this car became disappointed when they noticed that their car was only limited to 413km per hour to protect the car's tires.

Most of us like speeding through the highway. What is your highest speed ever? 120? 150? It is likely to note that it is almost impossible to speed close to the speed the Veyron has to offer with our conventional vehicles. We don't need them after all, even when we are about to miss our flights. It can be dangerous.

Cars with speeds close to that of the Veyron are out of reach in almost all the cars in the road because of the speed limiter. It operates through engine computer and electronic sensors in most modern cars.

What the car does when you are about to exceed the manufacturer's limit is to communicate the engine's computer. The engine computer now restricts the flow of fuel and air in the engine. This way, you won't exceed the speed limit.

Many countries have their speed limits. Some transport companies even ensure speed limiters installed in some of their vehicles to ensure safety.

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Source: Kspeed

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