Lyna Promise And Her Counterpart Bella Of Daterush Cause A Massive Stir Online With Their Hot Photos


The Ghanaian female social media personalities are really beautiful and well-endowed. These ladies are popularly referred to as the "Slay Queens" of the country. The Ghanaian Slay Queens serve their followers online with very beautiful and enthralling photos. In this article, I will show you some hot photos of two popular social media personalities, Lyna Promise and Bella. These two females have taken over the social media in Ghana with there very amazing photos.

Lyna Promise

Many Ghanaians have probably heard about the beautiful and well-endowed Lyna Promise. She is one of the hottest female models in Ghana. Lyna Promise is a very cute lady who loves to share some of her stories through photos. She is probably in her twenties. Lyna Promise is a very curvy and heavy chested Ghanaian lady. She is very fashionable and well kept. Lyna Promise sometimes share very alluring photos which causes massive stir online. She uploads her photos on her famed Instagram account with the name "lyna_promise".


Most of Ghanaians who love to watch the popular Ghanaian television station, TV3, have probably heard about Bella. She became very popular after contesting for the matchmaking reality show, daterush. Bella is a very elegant looking Ghanaian who is admired by many people both locally and international. Bella will probably be in her late twenties. She is endowed with huge curves and heavy chest. Bella shares her hot photos on her famed Instagram account with the name " greatest_journalism_".

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