Kumasi: HIV Positive Man Arrested For Spreading The Virus In Community - Has About 10 Fiancees


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People can be wicked to the extend that you need to fear human being.

The whole issue on ground is that, a young woman has come out to proclaim that his own husband had contract HIV/AIDS and she recognized this at an ungodly hour. She said that before meeting her husband, her husband told her that he have stayed with about 6 women and they all dump him in the last hour.

So it came to pass that this man (her husband) was sick, so she carried him to a prophet and the prophet asked the woman to carry his husband to the hospital first for check up. 

So upon arrival and some check ups carried out, she came to know that the man has contacted HIV/AIDS. Not ending there, she said the painful aspect of this issue is that the man is a womanizer as well.

She again said that if she can't recall, at least she vividly knows 10 women who have been having an affair with her husband, so this made her to be scared to come out and share the whole story.

So that the police can arrest him for behaving wrongly and putting people's life in danger.

The man needs to be given life imprisonment, said by one of our followers, what do you also say?

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