Kumbe Hatuko Mbaya. Kenyans React After Being Ranked On Top 10 For Having Quality Roads In Africa


Kenyans have come out publicly to show their happiness after their country Kenya was ranked as one of the country tries with quality roads in Africa.

According to the study why cg was conducted by the New Africa, they did pointed out countries having the most developed and quality roads in Africa.

They went ahead to single some of the country's in which according them have good quality of roads and hence improved infrastructure.

On their post, they did mention that one of the characteristic of a developed country is a good or quality roads for this is the basis of development in a country.

According to their ranking, Kenya was ranked number seven in the whole Africa which contains over 55 countries.

The leading country was Namibia which they said to be leading in the list having the most quality road. Namibia was followed by Egypt then Rwanda. The number ten was Algeria.

This is a clear indication that the government of Kenya is doing some good work as far development of infrastructure is concerned in the country.

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