Why NHIF Patients Risk Being Rejected by Private Hospitals

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Looming crisis awaits the Health department as Private Hospitals threaten to reject NHIF patients from next week.

According to Citizen TV report, KAPH Secretary General Timothy Olweny issued the red alert on Friday after confirming that the agreement between them and NHIF had expired and no renewal process had been initiated.

Private Hospitals claimed that they will prevent patients depending to finance their medical bills through the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) starting from February. 

Kenya Association of Private Hospitals (KAPH) stated that the new term of engagement failed to favor them.

“Come Monday, January 31, which marks the end of the 7-month extension of the contract with NHIF, we, the private hospitals, won’t be in a position to offer services to patients depending on NHIF,” stated Olweny.

Olweny lamented that the new scheme, if effected, would lead to a loss of at least Kshs. Per patient within a week.

Health Committee chairperson and Cherangany legislature Joshua Kuttuny during an interview with radio citizen defended the new directive stating that most private facilities used to exaggerate the medical bills of NHIF patients.

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