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A boy named Ade in craze clown comedy skit. His comedy went popular with the kind of slap he used to receive from his acting father also called Papa Ade. The two guys went side ways when they must have made so much money from their talent. Though it had been long people saw him and i believe they must have forgotten about the young man who acts as Ade. But, as it may be the guy names as Papa Ade is still in the line of acting comedies.

My aim of writing this article is to tell some people about the guy his real name and current age because most people don't know his real name. Ade's real name is Tega Akpobome, he was born in the 1st of December 1997 at Delta State. Tega Akpobome is 24 years old now. Since dropping from Craze clown's comedy, he still moved on with his comedy career this time around acting on his own. Sponsoring himself and making his own money.

Besides, i would also love to show you some of his recent photos here below:

Tega Akpobome had been funny all through his career and he has even made alot of fame and money for himself. As confirmed his net worth is around $100,000. Not only that, he has acted alongside so many top comedians like Sydney Talker, Nasty Blaq, Lord Lamba and so many others. All these features with top comedians popular in Nigeria.

Moreover, In 2019, Tega Akpobome graduated as a medical doctor at the Kharkov National Medical University, Ukraine.

After seeing all this, you can tell us what you love or what you have loved in this young man's career as a comedian, let us know your thoughts about him in the comment section below.

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