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Lebogang Mokebe says she needs her gobela to deal with the money. Photo by ­ Zamokuhle Mdluli. 

LEBOGANG Mokebe (43) from Mofolo in Soweto uncovered to Daily Sunshe paid her gobela Boitumelo Ranaka R30 000 for ukuthwasa. 

Regardless, she as of now acknowledges it was every one of the a stunt. 


"Right when I comprehended I was being deluded I left and mentioned my money back, yet the gobela wouldn't offer it to me," said Lebogang. 

She said when she prompted the gobela she'd report her to the regular sheets, the gobela said she was unable to have minded less. 

"I went to Ubuhle BeNgcugce, a neighborhood of the CRL Rights commission and uncovered her. They brought her." 

Lebogang says she needs her gobela to reimburse the money. Photo by Zamokuhle Mdluli Photo by 

She said when she had issues with skin sensitivities she directed this sangoma, who uncovered to her she expected to thwasa. 

"However, during ukuthwasa I didn't beat that. She didn't give me the muthi amathwasa get during iphehlo. I was paying R700 each month for food anyway I was sitting inactive." 

When the gobela vanished for quite a while, Lebogang sneaked out and guided another sangoma. 

"I was told I didn't have idlozi. I was encouraged to leave rapidly." 

When the gobela returned she revealed to her she was leaving and mentioned her money back. She gave her different stories. 

Ubuhle BeNgcugce assembled the gobela to their Zola work environments on Saturday and Daily Sun was similarly invited. 

After a critical discussion, the gobela agreed she'd deal with in any occasion R20 000 of the R30 000 which the thwasa paid considering the way that she said she gave her things during her visit at her home. 

"I'll pay her R5 000 around the completion of July then give her R2 000 consistently until everything is repaid," said the gobela. 

Mtimande Ngwenya of Ubuhle BeNgcugce said the board of trustees would go to the gobela's home every month to accumulate the money. He said some gobelas were using another stunt. 

"When a thwasa is graduating they don't give the muthi that will make the individual being referred to get dynamic. 

"They prompt the thwasa to at first imply someone who'll in like manner thwasa. The implied singular transforms into a compensation who'll settle up money continually, especially when the individual being referred to doesn't have idlozi. 

"This keeps the money streaming yet we will stop that."

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