Avoid These Men if You Desire Marriage.


Types of Men To Avoid if You Desire Marriage

A lot of times you will identify different behaviours in people which might either make you happy or sad. In other cases it might not be easy to project somebody's behaviour if you are not staying with him or her. Some people change into worse when they enter into marriage. Due to this I will take you through about different behaviours in men that you should avoid once you detect them.

1. The man that does not respect your boundaries.

A man who does not respect your physical,emotional or material boundaries show signs of selfishness. He is only interested in himself and does not care for your well being. Healthy relationships are build by establishing and respecting one another's boundaries.

2. One who does not know what he wants

This type of a man is very good but he does not have a vision for his future. He has not yet identified what his purpose is, what his gifts are and what he has been called to do in this life. This causes him to be indecisive and unable to make decision that affects his future.

3. One that has no relationship with God

While these men might not be considered unbelievers, they still miss a relationship with God which makes it harder for them to date with purpose and lead his girlfriend closer to God. If you desire a godly marriage your husband must have that strong relationship with God.

4. Man who does not commit.

The man that does not want to commit for his relationship is very unlikely to commit to marriage anytime soon. For your information you cannot convince a man to commit. You should not aim to change that but instead distance yourself from him.

5. The emotionally unavailable man

He remains to be emotional due to past events such as his last relationship or childish experiences.While you might be tempted to help an emotionally unavailable man to break down his barriers,it is usually a very exhausting task. It brings frustrations, rejection and even heart break. Distancing away from him is the best option.

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