Do Women Enjoy Sex More Than Men

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Intimacy is a virtual thing amongst all people. Male and female counterparts upon marriage, tend to have intimacy with each other. Though, there has been a concerning fact on the perception that women enjoy intimacy more than men do. People share their opinions on the thought, to arrive at one conclusion.

It is actually not certain, and therefore some people are till confused about this fact.

One thing we should all note is that, both male and female do enjoy intimate activities. But do one enjoy more satisfaction than the other? Research has proven that women do not enjoy intimacy more than men, therefore it is the other way round as men enjoy the act than women do.

Study shows that, men's drive for intimacy is stronger than that of a woman and is more straight forward. Women value emotional connection with their spouse, as a spark of their desire for intimacy. A woman's desire for intimacy is also influenced by the environment and context. A reason why men enjoy intimacy more than women, mainly because they do not need any factor to influence their desire. They mostly act on impulse and on instinct.

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