Dog trainer advises dog owners to stay away from spicy foods as they reduce their sense of smell


Dog trainer and seller, David has advised dog lovers and owners to desist from feeding spicy food to the pet dogs as it reduces their sense of smell. 

Speaking with SVTV Africas DJ Nyaami, he indicated when dog owners feed their pets spicy foods, the dogs are unable to fully function as they are supposed to. 

”Dogs use their sense to smell to detect things and also the scent of its owners. However, when the owner continually serves them spicy foods, they are unable to function as security dogs,” David explained. 

Speaking of security dogs, David indicated that Pitbulls may be the best form of dog security, however, they are very dangerous and can even harm their owners. 

“I will not recommend pitbull dogs as security for families with babies or young children. Because it can even harm its owners; they are very ‘crazy’,” he added. 

Kindly watch the full interview below; Youtube: SVTV Africa