What is Happening in 2020 and the month of Ramadan

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1. Lockdown

Since when I was born have never witness any lockdown like this expecially world lockdown that is cause By this Pandemic COVID-19 The Virus that is said to have killed millions of people in The hole world.

Because of it fast infection through air, touching,and crowd.that is why the government announced lockdown on every body.

2. Home Worship.

No one is allowed to worship in the mosque and the church expecially Friday (Juma'at) and Sunday.

Even The Ramadan nafilah (Tarawih) is not not allowed, just to prevent spreading of the virus.

3. Hunger.

Hunger is another virus that is disturbing people expecially Africa like Nigeria.

In Nigeria there is no work for graduate that is why government workers are lesser than hand workers, the hand workers depend mostly on daily work , if they don't work for a day they have nothing feed themselve and family. That is why lockdown increase the hunger virus because they don't have chance to work.

4. Fear.

This virus Creat fear because no people are broke and fear of hunger and responsibilities.

School closed.

All primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions both private and public,even arabic schools.

This thing called COVID-19 make people stay at home.

Please let continue praying to GOD to stop this virus so that all this can stop.

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