At long last Date rush fame has romantically proposed to Shemima


Date rush! Everyone deserves love.

During one episode of date rush season 5, which was the switch segment, where a lady will find a guy, a heavily endowed lady stormed the stage to look for love. She really caused confusion upstage of which a lot of people wanted to have her but she rather went for Ali.

When Shemima chose Ali as her date, a lot of date rush fans were like why will such a heavily endowed lady will go for such a slim guy but it seems they are both made for each other.

Even upon the controversies that came up that a .an popped up claiming to be married to Shemima and they have a son together did not discourage them from fight for their love.

In a video shared by Ali himself, he was seen on his knees showing how much he love date rush fame Shemima. According to Ali, she love Shemima unconditional and he can even love her more than his mother.

See photo of Ali on his knees proposing to Shemima;

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