13 Principles on How To Think and Grow Rich

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1 Desire

The first step in attracting what you want is to cultivate a desire for it.

2. Faith

Once you have your desire, you need to have faith in the process.

3. Self Suggestion

If you want to maximize your faith, then you need to monitor your self talk.

4. Knowledge

Knowledge attracts abundance when it is organized and intelligently directed through practical plans of action.

5. Imagination

If you want to attract abundance, start with an idea.

6. Organised Planning

Having a well defined plan of how to achieve your goals is just as important as knowing what roads to take on your drive.

7. Decision

A vague wish is the opposite of a definite decision.

8. Persistence

Like a roller coaster ride, we all have ups and downs. Instead of giving up, when you’re feeling low is the time to double down and persevere.

9. Mastermind

You must do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.

10. Transmutation

Here lies another one of the secrets hidden within this success system. There are certain emotions that evoke a mental state that allows access to Infinite Intelligence.

11. Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the power center of your mental activity.

12. The Brain

Napoleon Hill asserts that the brain is similar to a radio. Just like a radio, your brain operates at specific set frequencies.

13. Sixth Sense

This is where the entire philosophy of Think and Grow Rich culminates. Achieving a complete understanding of the other twelve principles prepares you to receive guidance from an infallible source. Namely Infinite Intelligence.

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