Opinion: do you like snail meat, take a look at the harm it can cause to your body.

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Do You Like Snail Meat? Take a look at the harm it can do to your body.

Snails are common creatures seen around the world, and many people eat them.

It's very nutritious, and also very pleasant to eat.

In Nigeria and even outside the country, snails are eaten in most of the tribes.

You will know what I'm talking about if you're those people who go to beer stalls.

However, snails can in some way be very dangerous to people.

It could be dangerous to your body if you don't cook your snail meat properly before eating it.

A flat worm known as schistosoma carries a type of snail.

However, schistosoma is a fatal flatworm that causes a commonly known disease, Schistosomiasis.

Schistosomiasis is a disease in which millions of people all over the world have been killed.

Every year, it still accounts for many deaths.

The infected water can also be obtained by snails.

This disease occurs when we put our legs in infected waters.

The human bubble, kidney, liver and other organs are assaulted against schistosomiasis.

They are destroyed. It can be treated, however, because the cure for Schistosomiasis can not be found in every hospital.

Please note: Keep your children away from the area whenever you wish to prepare snail meat for your family.

Because children at a young age can do anything unknowingly.

This information is sometimes ignored because they eat snail meat a long time and nothing has happened.

But until something happens, nobody knows the effect of anything. Pay attention.

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