Arrogance In NPP Is Making Akufo-Addo's Job Difficult- Aplus Reveals

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Kwame Asare Obeng who is popularly known as Aplus has reacted to a statement which was made by Allotey Jacobs concerning E-levy. Mr Allotey Jacobs who per reports has been expelled from the NDC says Ghanaians like complaining and whining too much.

According to him, Ghanaians are always crying for good roads, good health care among others but whenever paying of taxes pop up then the same Ghanaians start to complain. He threw his support for the E-levy bill and edged the government to find ways to pass it.

This comment by Mr Allotey Jacobs has triggered a reply from Aplus. Aplus has stated that the comment by Mr Allotey Jacobs is an arrogant comment. He added that arrogance In the NPP is really making the work of the President very difficult.

Kwame Aplus suggested that the government explain the purpose of the E-levy to Ghanaians in a respectful manner and maybe the good people of Ghana might agree to the bill.

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