Contrary Opinions On Cultural Beliefs After Fall Of Mugumo Tree In Kiambu County


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People have been sharing contrary opinions on social media based on cultural beliefs and traditions after falling of Mugumo tree in Kiambu County.

Fig tree commonly known as Mugumo tree has different cultural beliefs among the 47 counties in Kenya. The falling of Mugumo tree in Kiambu county has brought panic and confusion among the people and elders. It is believed that the falling of a fig tree in the region symbolizes something important that might have a positive or negative impact on people.

Based on this mythical belief, people were able to share contrary opinions on the issue. Two years ago a similar tree an NTV journalist in Kenya covered a story of a mysterious falling and rising of a fig tree in the region. However, some linked the falling of the fig tree to be a warning from angry ancestors about the Building Bridges Initiative being forced down to the people of Kenya.

What do you think about cultural believes about some in society, are they usually true