Ghan becomes the world's first nation to receive COVAX vaccines


Ghana becomes the first African country to receive COVID19 vaccines from the COVAX facility.

In the early hours of today, a flight carrying 600,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has landed in Accra Ghana as part of a global effort to immunise the world's poorest countries with many poor people including a strong rollout plan and all regulatory steps in place already.

It is the first delivery under the global Covid vaccine sharing scheme COVAX. This delivery will serve as the first wave of arrivals to continue in coming days. In a joint statement, the World health organization (WHO)/United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund United (UNICEF) called it an important occasion. The doses were produced by the Serum Institute of India, an Indian biotechnology and pharmaceuticals company which is outrightly the largest vaccine manufacturer in the World.

History was made today as the shipments represent the beginning of the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation in history.

As an African, this is really a special and a ground breaking moment and it is amazing. However as a Nigerian, it is underwhelming seeing Ghana able to do these things for the betterment of their Nation and it's citizens while the Nigerian Government looks on.

So the big question is, where is Nigeria?

The so-called giant of Africa.

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