5 Tips On How To Grow Banana Tree At Home And Make Money


Banana is one of the favorite plants that we love to eat. Many people go to buy bananas not just as food but also as a recipe at home. There is a lot of money in Banana business because of the nutritional benefit of Bananas, it is nice to plant them at home. If you can successfully plant it at home then you can grow it on a larger scale.

In this article, I will show you what needs to be done to start growing bananas from beginning to end and you can make cool money out of it. Don't worry the process is not as difficult as you think, with the right knowledge and the proper orientation you can grow bananas from beginning till the end. It is advised that we should plant a propagated banana rather than planting it from the stalk. The reason for that is that it will grow faster when we plant propagated bananas. So without any further ado, here are ways to which we can plant bananas.

1. First thing to do is to get a bag that is 12 inches in height and weight. The bag should have holes in them for proper drainage. You can get these bags in stores and agricultural outlets. Then you fill the bag with a good soil mixture. The mixture should contain decomposed soil and garden soil.

2. It should be noted that when planting the propagated banana you will need to transplant it to food soil. Banana loves good soil so all you need is to plant it in a have good soil that is mixed with decomposed soil and garden soil. After that, you need to water it and allow it to grow. Banana like moist ground so it is good to water them constantly.

3. After some days the banana has started producing seed. It will be best to always check on it for anything that isn't looking right. Then only then can we involve the activities of a horticulturist?

4 Bananas don't need much fertilizer because of their nature. However, with the right soil mixture, your banana will flourish. 

5 There are different kinds of pests that affect the growth of bananas. However, some insecticides could be used to avoid the spread of diseases and pests. For this, I will advise you to meet a specialist that will help you with the right insecticide to tackle this disease.

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