An alleged Major1 Spiritual son got exposed in a worst possible way, see the story: Opinion

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JUST IN | Self proclaimed Prophet Tshipiliro Bushiri's Spiritual Son Exposed

Former ECG worshiper and preacher, "Onesimus Muzik", who has now rebranded himself as African Butter, was yesterday mistakenly posted himself drinking spree at a club. 

What happened to the man who once was praying for people? From Head of worshippers to African Butt.


I like the other comment on the people that were commenting about this report. There is one person who have said, "it looks like we are always celebrating the fall of other people, and of which this is a true. When it comes to man of God, any slight mistake it is laughable, any slight mistake spreads like wildfire.

It looks like the people are looking for a way to discredit the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are looking for a way to stop believers believe in the ones that God has called to lead them. It is so pathetic, it is also an unfortunate events that has happened with this guy, but we pray that the grace of God may reach him and restore him back to God.

Thank you.

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