Ways to Feed your ancestors : This might make them give you what you want

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Here are six ways to feed and strengthen your connection with your ancestors: 1) Create an altar or shrine dedicated to the ancestors. If possible, build this altar to the east (so that you can look at it as you look at it). It is the direction of dawn and the intent is to enlighten you and your lineage.

Collect items that remind you of your ancestors and place them in the shrine. Statues, photos, souvenirs, nature sacrifices, etc. the altar as a plant. A bowl of spring water (preferably) and sea salt can help release blockages in the emotional body.

Renew this water regularly and never let it stagnate. Constantly bring offerings to your altar and thank the ancestors for their wisdom.Light a candle, light Palo Santo, and conjure up your intention to be in regular contact with ancestors. Make sure to keep this altar clean. Don't put this altar in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Find shared living space or create an outdoor space.)

Bring offerings.

Cooking and feeding some of your meals for your ancestors is one of the most precious ways I want to connect with my ancestors. This is a powerful symbol of gratitude, reverence, and literally connecting with your ancestors through quality of life. If you cook your meals every day, put a small amount of your food in a bowl and place it on your altar.

Let your ancestors know why you feed them, what you are grateful for, and what your needs are. this meal is dormant for more than 24 hours.As soon as the ancestors have fed enough, they compete the food, leaving it in nature or feed a companion of animals.

Creating daily contact stones to help you connect is a helpful part of building a relationship with your ancestors. The easiest way to do this is to simply do a daily exercise to pause and review, listen and notice. but also your entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Stop, examine, take notes and breathe. What's coming? Where do you feel connected Separated?

Can you feel a connection to Spirit? Or do you feel separate Which news? Come?5) Spend time in nature. Remember that nature is mind and mind is nature. They are one and the same. If we spend enough time in nature, we can better merge with its wisdom. We align ourselves with unity. which is inherent in all of us and surrounds us.

Nature can evoke a sense of wonder and remind us how powerful spirit really is. If possible, spend time with nature every day. Establish your intention to use this as your time to bond with your ancestors. Ancestors live on rocks, trees, sky, earth, animals, and so on. Observe the messages Spirit can share with you about your truth, purpose, and ancient wisdom.Ask for messages and listen carefully to the replies. 6) Awaken your Dharma. Your life path and purpose is the ultimate way to feed your ancestors.

There is no greater gift for your ancestry and for those who have come before you. With your inner truth and wisdom, bless your lineage as you awaken and share your gifts with the world. You and your ancestors are blessed with the gifts and abundance of this journey.

The Dharma requires that you be willing to support yourself. in your challenges, sorrows, pain, struggles and sufferings. It implies that you are ready to transform, heal, and grow by bowing honestly and courageously to your shadow. Dharma is not a passive journey and not for Fa


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