Manchester United star faces severe punishment after breaking rules during lockdown

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Manchester united defender Marcos Rojo is expected to face a lot of punishments after breaking club and government's Coronavirus pandemic lockdown rules by smoking and playing cards with friends.

Rojo 30, who is presently on loan in Brazilian league side Estudiantes de la Plata has been told to maintain social distancing and to avoid gathering in order not to contract the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused almost all the football matches to be suspended indefinitely including the Brazilian league.

The defender was seen playing with more than ten friends in the short video being posted on social media by the defender's younger brother, although the video was deleted immediately but it has quickly circulated across the social media, this Rojo's action caused Brouhaha among the defender's fans and they were seriously disappointed because he doesn't respect the social distancing rule.

The Manchester united loanee was expected to stay at home after the lockdown has been extended by Argentina President Alberto Fernandez till the 10th of May in order to minimize the rate in which everyone is being infected with the virus.

This is not the first time Rojo will be breaking the lockdown rule as he was caught on Friday working around the park with friends, with the defender wearing Boca Junior's Jersey.

With the law being broken by Rojo, the Argentine is expected to be given serious punishment by the Club and the government as the fans have already called on the club's president to deal with him in order to serve as a lesson for the other players.

Rojo has been unable to cement his spot in Manchester united since Solskjaer taken over at Old Trafford and he is expected to return back to Manchester united at the end of the season in order to discuss his future with the Red Devils coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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