Here are foods you need to eat and not to eat to have a healthy bladder

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Your eating habits can have a significant impact on your overall health and happiness. Foods that enhance your immune system, improve mental focus, and reduce stress are all available.

Even if you don't notice instant effects, attempting to live better by changing what you eat is a terrific idea. However, there are some foods that aren't very good for you. Here are the best and worst bladder health foods to eat if you want to boost your overall health.

Food you need to avoid

Tobacco and alcohol are two of the worst foods for bladder health, particularly for persons who have an overactive bladder. The chemicals in cigarettes and alcohol can irritate and damage the muscle that controls urine flow, the urinary sphincter. Urine leakage may become more common as a result of this.

Salty meals should be avoided to avoid dehydration, which is a typical cause of frequent urination. Dehydration causes urine to become more concentrated, making it more difficult to hold in urination until you can find a bathroom.

Caffeine is another bladder-healthy food that might actually make symptoms worse. Caffeine can increase the symptoms of overactive bladder by increasing pee output and making urgency incontinence worse (the inability to hold in your urine).

Food to eat

Pistachios: Pistachios are a tasty snack that are high in vitamins and minerals. They're heavy in fiber and protein, both of which are beneficial to kidney function. The potassium in this nut helps to keep your blood pressure in check, which relieves pressure on your bladder.

Cranberries: Antioxidants in cranberries help fight free radicals, which harm cells and cause illness and disease. They also contain anti-inflammatory effects, making them one of the finest foods for bladder health.

Red peppers: Capsaicin, a natural product found in red peppers, aids in pain alleviation. Tylenol and other pain relievers operate by inhibiting the same pain receptors that are triggered when these peppers are consumed.

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