Weaknesses in the Kenyan constitution

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The Kenyan constitution has gone through several amendments from the time it was drafted by Tom Mboya and other people. Since independence to 2019, the Kenya's constitution had witnessed about twenty seven (27) amendments.

photo: His excellency president Emilio Mwai Kibaki during the promulgation of the Kenya's constitution.

With all the twenty seven amendments, the constitution has several short comings as follows;

1. Doesn't clearly define age terms

It's true that the constitution itself defines an adult to be anybody above the age of eighteen years. The constitution doesn't define the age at which one must think of being either in a relationship or being loved or loving. Constitutionally, at what age should one get loved or fall in love with someone? What's the least age to get pregnant or to impregnate?

2. Doesn't fully define some leadership ethics

What should be the norm after someone is impeached due to corruption? Should someone be cleared by IEBC to vie for elective positions after they had a corruption case? The Kenyan constitution can't tell that.

3. It has silently oppressed the males.

In the sense that when a man impregnates the under age, he is sentenced to long term jail terms and the girl freed. Not unless it's a case of rape, when such acts happen, the two should face the consequences, not oppressing the males in jails and freeing the females. Sex is a mutual act and both parties take part.

Does women who introduce under age girls to sex pass through jail terms? Yes they do but, how many have been reported?

Or is it because boys don't get pregnant to have evidence even months after the act?

Article by Pantheous.

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