Father From Hell: Primary School Headteacher Burns Child For Suspecting He's not Biological Father


Many things have happened in the world. Some are good and some of them are bad, that it is painful to hear about them. Imagine an infant baby born by parent it had no control of and suddenly gets burnt because the father doesn't believe he is the real biological dad?

The above photo represents a woman and her young five months old baby.

According to news that have since gone viral across social media platforms, A primary school headmaster has badly burned a five month old son. The heartless man did this by throwing the innocent child inside a razing fire over suspicions that the baby was not his biological son.

It has since been established that he came home drunk and claimed the son wasn't his. This was said by the wife, who revealed that this allegation prompted a quarrel that saw the baby thrown into kitchen fireplace.

The bad event left the innocent infant with burns all over his face. According to an eye witness of the condition of the child, his eyes and nose were partially disfigured.

"He later attacked me with a Panga but I braved that in order to save my child who was still inside the fire" says the mother.wr would like to encourage people to speak out whenever they are in marital difficulties. When two parents fight, it is the children who suffer most. In this case, this innocent boy will now love to see you he scars on his face, just because of a careless drunk father. May the law take it's course and action taken against the man.

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