Dr Musa is dragged for loving his wife loudly on Social media see what people think

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25 October 2021

Since TV personality Dr. Musa Mthombeni and his wife former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni tied the knot in August they have always celebrated their love boldly for all to see. Dr. Musa never shies away from loving his wife out loud. Musa is always gushing about his wife on Instagram whenever he gets a chance. Instead of enjoying loving his wife like other couples, Dr. Musa is constantly faced with negative comments on Social media. On many occasions, he had to defend himself against the negative comments.

After a fan, Raymond Sepheu shared his thoughts on Facebook about Dr. Musa and his way of openly showing affection for his wife fans are divided about whether it is overdoing it or the man should be left alone to love his wife openly as he wants.

"This guy doesn't know women. Give him time you will see what will happen to him. Women are not straightforward beings. Even they don't understand themselves. Women want balance. If you act like you are desperate they will enjoy it at first and encourage it, but eventually, they will despise you for it. They will see you as weak. The second point I want to highlight is that. Doing these stuff is not love. It's nothing. It's just stunts. He's just star struck by beauty. What happened to his exes? Did he do this with them? No? See. He's just star struck. That's not love. It's excitement and disbelief. Eventually the woman will be sick of it. It's inevitable"

Here are some of the reactions to the post:


Some who have experienced this kind of love before might call it obsession, and many who wish to be loved like that might not like it when it does happen to them. Most men are affectionate and believe in love but deprive their partner because they believe women will get tired and leave them.

What do you think about this situation is Dr. Musa overdoing it or it's his way of showing affection?

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