Advantages Of Huduma Number


Our Kenya government has done much as far as digital technology is concerned. One of the most recent migration to digital is the introduction of the Huduma Number. Huduma Number has numerous advantages that should be enjoyed by all Kenya citizens. The following are its importance.

Implementation of the current government big 4 agendas. Implementation of the Huduma Number will improve accountability and transparency in the management of National Hospital Insurance Funds and information planning, investment and allocation of affordable housing.

Reduced cost of money transactions. In a day people make a lot of transactions for various issues which costs them alot to transact. The Huduma Number will reduce the cost of transactions at a high percentage. Kenyan citizens will no longer be required to carry multiple identity cards.

Minimize the cases of identity cards theft. Huduma Number will reduce the theft of this kind and make financial and property transactions much more secure. Personal data and in the system which includes biometrics will help in prevention of impersonation.

Accessing government resources. Registration is vital for national planning. The government needs comprehensive and upto date records to address issues such as disease and issues that causes premature death can be monitored. Huduma Number monitor forward county development goals including the sustainable development projects.