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SASSA and social grants: Everything you need to know (

It is assumed that social offers assist 33% of South Africans.

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According to Jannie Rossouw, the head of faculty of monetary and commercial enterprise sciences on the University of the Witwatersrand, presents are very important in South Africa because of the quantity of poverty, the ensuing wide variety of recipients, and the quantity paid out.

Grant cash is not simplest used to guide beneficiaries however also to provide broader support to the citizens of South Africa.

Social grants in South Africa

Based on studies he carried out more than one-1/3 of South Africans depend – without delay and circuitously – on supply payments. Any disruption of furnish bills will therefore have a massively unfavourable impact on a huge quantity of terrible households.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)

Social provide programs are administered through the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

According to the now not-for-profit news agency GroundUp, SASSA is remitted by means of the South African Social Security Agency Act of 2004 to “ensure the availability of complete social protection services towards vulnerability and poverty in the constitutional legislative framework”.

In order to apprehend the do’s and dont’s of those presents, here is a rundown of the whole lot we recognise up to now:

The Social Assistance Act of 2004 and policies to the act offer the prison framework for the management of 7 social presents.

Grants are focused at classes of people who are vulnerable to poverty and in want of kingdom help. These are older human beings, humans with disabilities and youngsters.

Also, the Social Relief of Distress award presents instantaneous transient assistance to human beings in dire need of monetary assist and is given to human beings in the shape of vouchers, food parcels or money for a 3 month duration.

Grants to be had include:

Child Support Grant

Older Person’s Grant

Disability Grant


Care Dependency Grant

War Veteran’s Grant

Foster Child Grant

How it works

Applicants for social grants ought to be South African residents, permanent citizens or refugees and currently residing in South Africa.

Except for the Foster Child Grant and the Grant in Aid, social grants in South Africa are currently “manner tested”. This refers to the procedure of assessing the price of your assets and profits and is exceptional for single and married humans in SA.

You will simplest be eligible for a grant in case your earnings and assets fall below a sure threshold. This threshold is exceptional for all of the grants and could depend on whether or not or now not you are married.

The quantity you acquire to your Old Age Grant and the Disability Grant is likewise decided by the method check and you may no longer necessarily get hold of the most quantity offered with the aid of SASSA.

If you perform a little paintings or have every other source of profits but nevertheless really want social help you may still observe for a furnish. You ought to declare all your profits and assets to SASSA. If you receive the disability provide, antique-age supply or conflict veterans grant your monthly money will be reduced according to how a whole lot money you earn.

If you are admitted to a nation group for an prolonged period of time, the fee of your Old Age Grant, Disability Grant or War Veteran’s Grant may be reduced to 25% of its cost from the 4th month following your admission till you are discharged.

Child Support Grant

To obtain this supply you must be the primary care giver of a toddler who also lives with you in South Africa.

If you are not the biological determine of the child, you must offer evidence of your primary caregiver reputation – consisting of as affidavit from a police professional, a social worker’s document, a sworn statement from the organic discern of the child, or a letter from the college fundamental of the kid.

Children need to be underneath the age of 18. Children have to no longer be cared for in a nation institution. You cannot apply for greater than six non-biological or legally adopted kids.

In order to qualify for the furnish you need to fulfill the necessities of the method test.

You can examine extra over here.

Care Dependency Grant

The Care Dependency Grant is given to the caregivers of kids with disabilities.

The child should be located permanently and severely medically disabled by using a clinical officer and should be underneath the age of 18. The toddler cannot be cared for in a state group.

In order to qualify for the supply you want to fulfill the requirements of the method check.

You can examine extra over right here.

Foster Child Grant

To meet the necessities for this furnish each you and the child you care for need to live in South Africa.

The toddler should be beneath the age of 18 years old and there ought to be a court order indicating that you have been precise the foster carer for the kid.

There is not any manner take a look at for foster mother and father. The infant must stay within the care of the foster determine.

You can study extra over right here.

Disability Grant

In order to qualify for this grant you should be among the age of 18 and fifty nine years.

You must be found medically unfit for work via a medical officer due to a mental or bodily incapacity. The furnish is to be had on a everlasting or brief basis for between six and 365 days.

When your brief supply expires and you have not recovered sufficiently to return to work you may need to use for the supply again. Your permanent grant may be reviewed so that it will investigate whether or not you're in reality still disabled.

You can't be the recipient of different presents, and ought to no longer be cared for in a state group.

In order to qualify for the grant you need to meet the necessities of the means test.

You can examine greater over right here.

Grant in Aid

If you're living on a social furnish however can’t look after yourself you can get an extra grant to pay the person that takes full-time care of you.

The Grant in Aid is an additional provide for human beings receiving disability, older folks or warfare veteran’s offers who, because of their intellectual or physical disabilities, are unable to look after themselves and want to pay a complete-time caregiver. In order to receive this supply, you'll need to be assessed by using a scientific officer.

You can't acquire this furnish if you are being cared for in a nation organization.

You can examine greater over here.

Older Person’s Grant (Old Age Pension)

You can apply for this supply if you are 60 years or older. You can't be a recipient of other grants, and also you must not be beneath the care of a country organization.

In order to qualify for the provide, you want to meet the requirements of the manner test.

You can examine more over here.

War veterans grant

To qualify for this grant you must have fought in World War I, World War II or the Korean War. You should also be over the age of 60 or disabled. You can not be a recipient of different offers and ought to now not be cared for in a kingdom organization.

In order to qualify for the supply you want to fulfill the requirements of the approach check.

You can read greater over right here.

Social remedy of distress

Social relief of distress is brief assistance for human beings within the following situations:

You need help even as you look ahead to your kids’s grants to be processed

A disaster or catastrophe has occurred (e.G. Your house has burnt down)

You do no longer qualify for a provide, and you are in a determined state of affairs

You are disabled for a length of much less than six months and consequently now not eligible for a incapacity provide

You are not able to get upkeep from the opposite determine of your infant or children

The breadwinner within the family has died

The breadwinner has been despatched to prison for a short time (less than six months)

You were affected by a catastrophe, but the area or network in which you live has now not been declared a disaster area.

You can examine more over here.

Social Relief of Distress is issued monthly for a most duration of three months. An extension of a similarly three months may be granted in high-quality cases. You can not follow for this supply in case you are already the recipient of a unique grant.

How do I apply for a social provide?

You should practice at the SASSA workplace nearest to in which you stay. If you are too old or too unwell to apply for the supply on the office you can have a pal or family member observe on your behalf. You can also set up for a domestic go to, even though you may wait some time for this.

The software paperwork must be finished within the presence of a SASSA officer. When you hand to your application you'll be given a receipt as evidence of utility. The utility is unfastened. You will obtain written notification in case your software is denied. You have the right to invite for reconsideration and you may additionally motel an attraction within ninety days.

Applicants must provide proof of identity. If you do no longer have a thirteen-digit bar-coded Identity Book or start certificate for kids, you can provide opportunity documentation as evidence of identification. Contact your nearest SASSA office to find out which alternative documents are ordinary.

Other documents required for application: If married, offer ID of your partner and proof of spousal courting (marriage certificate, divorce order, a sworn statement, or spouse’s demise certificates). Sworn declaration or affidavit stating the income and belongings of your self and your spouse. Supporting files to prove your income and property. You ought to also provide evidence of the earnings of dependent children.

The utility procedure takes up to 90 days and your first fee will include lower back-pay for the time you wait to receive the grant. This is calculated from the primary day of utility.

Note: When affidavits are required, SASSA will offer the affidavits to be finished.

Your SASSA card

If your supply utility is successful you will acquire a SASSA card and a financial institution account wherein your cash could be deposited each month.

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