"Client Forgot Her Bra In My Front Seat" A Bolt Driver posted causing a stir on social media

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Those who have traveled by public transportation know that it is quite common to forget some of your belongings in a taxi. With that being said, a guy who is a Bolt driver recently caused a stir on social media after sharing what happened on one of his rides.

Basically, he posted a picture of a bra which was on the passenger seat of his car. This is what he wrote in his caption: "another day in the life of a Bolt driver." A client forgot her bra in my car.

There were mixed reactions to the comments. Some were saying the bra probably fell from the client's luggage. Others were saying there's more to this story than what the driver was saying. There's a lot that people have had to say. See more reactions down below.

Share your thoughts on the comment section. What do you think about the guy's post and people's reactions overall?

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