" Happy 7 months without $ex "

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$*x isn't always necessary, but it can be an important part of a healthy, fulfilling relationship. How important it is can vary from one individual to the next. Some people may feel that having a $exual connection with their partner is absolutely vital. Others may feel that other types of intimacy and connection are more important.

There are people who have not engaged in these type of intimacy for months and years and they are still happy. Thatohatsi is one of them. The reason why some people spend such a long time without considering it is because they are not in intimate relationships. When you are not in a relationship no one will put so much pressure on you when it comes to intimacy.

However, research shows that regular $*x can result in certain health benefits, including improved immune system function, reduced blood pressure, lower stress levels, and less risk of cardiovascular events. For others, abstaining from $*x is important for good mental health. People may abstain from $*x for many reasons, for example, because they have a low $*x drive, are a$*xual, or simply choose not to engage in it.

It’s not a big deal for some people who are also in relationships. But there are so many societal messages that insist that any relationship that lacks $*x is broken, defective, or doomed. This encourages people to force a $*xual attraction that may not be there, engage in a physical relationship that isn’t working or to entirely discard a relationship that may have immense value in other ways, rather than simply focusing on what works and setting aside what doesn’t.

Bear in mind that it doesn't solve problems... at least, not the long-term ones. Partners who only seem to get along in the bedroom don't have what it takes to last because a few minutes of feeling good won't mean anything if the happiness doesn't continue afterward.


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