Keep Grinding, Nature Will help You - Benjamin Zulu Advices The Youth On Taking Up Farming


Instead of being idle, young people should partner and invest with their willing siblings or classmates.

Make strategic plans to start growing trees which eventually appreciate after 10 years. Plants never demand and drain finances.

People will start noticing you when the project is booming and money flowing into your account.

Plant without waiting for favorable circumstances like natural rain. Even on dry season, water them daily.

By monitoring and doing replacements of those dried up and eaten up by animals and termites if it is intense do spraying.

Even weeds will out grow. If you remain patient by having faith, hope and assurance.

People will not recognize you when you are struggling but will laugh at you.

Benjamin zulu urges the youth to push on, don't give up so long as you do what the weather requires.

Look crazy, do grinding and watering, ask someone capable to facilitate your plants. Put in more effort by working hard by waking up earlier. Continue Watering your dreams, your tomorrow and development.Benjamin Zulu, Psychologist [ Image | Courtesy ]