How to use Prek3s3 as a Mosquito Repellant


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A lot of people are dyeing from Mosquito bite. Do you know that just a small bite of a female Anopheles Mosquito contains thousands of parasite?.

today in this article am going to teach you the health benefit of Prekese and also teach you how to use it as a mosquito Repellant.


1.Control Diabetes: a lot of glucose in the body can cause Diabetes, A research has shown that the intake of prekese can reduce the amount of Glucose in the body. You can take your Prekese and wash it then cut into pieces, then put it a clean suspan and put about 3 cups of water on it and cook it for about 10 minutes. wait for it to be cool, Drink as many as you can to say bye bye to Diabetes.

2.Use it as a Mosquito Repellant: The plant has a strong fragrance and is, therefore, acts as a mosquito repellant. The properties present in prekese are attributed to the essential oils present. Put about two or three Prekese in a Metal bowl and add some dry peal of an Orange to it, put some fire on it and wait to see the smoke then put it at where the mosquitos are, just about 3 to four minutes all the mosquitoes will run away. It works like magic just give it a try.

3.Fever: Prekese is a great remedy when one is suffering from a cold. The best way to use the plant is to soak it in warm water. Bathe using the infused water. This is said to greatly relieve fever and body temperature. You can also try this remedy when suffering from enema, constipation, and emetic.

4.It can be use as a Soap: The prekese fruit can be dried in direct sunlight and blended into a fine powder. This extract is then used as an ingredient in soaps. There are some antibacterial in it that help smoothen skin.

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