Don't combine these fruit, They can be harmful to your health


We are sometimes deceived by the notion that regular intake of fruits and vegetables is very beneficial to the human health, yes there is no two ways about this fact. But you should know which fruit to combine or take together since like any other foods, some fruit may not match when taken together thereby causing problems to the human system.

For instance, consuming acidic fruit together with alkaline fruit may prove very dangerous. Also it is not advisable to combine fruits that's are high in starch with fruits or cereals that are high in protein. Below are some fruits that are not compatible.

Banana with Guava

Never mix banana with guava not eat the two consecutively, research claims that these two fruits when combined increases your chances of nausea, acidosis or headache.

Melons with any other fruits

Melons are celibate. They never pair or match with any other fruits. It is advisable to eat melons alone, since they may not digest well if taken with other fruits. They digest faster than most other fruits owing to their high water content.

Orange with Carrots

Never mix orange with Carrots or eat the two at the same time. When taken together, they can cause heartburn and excess bile reflux.