Foods to eat and the appropriate time to eat according to Dieticians


Food is anything solid or liquid that is taken into the body for optimal growth and sustenance of life. It is important to know that eating is not just taking in something but the quality and type of what you are taking in is very paramount and key to the health and well-being of every individual. Food can make and unmake you depending on the kind of food you eat.

The main types of meal are breakfast, lunch and supper. In these types has the kind or particular food we eat. Breakfast is actually the first meal we eat after we wake up in the morning. It is called breakfast because all through the night during the sleep you didn't eat so you are breaking the long fast. In the light of this, breakfast is the important meal you should not joke with.

Taking breakfast everyday strengthens and revitalise the body do choosing what to eat in your breakfast is very important. Most homes in Africa is used to taking beverages as breakfast. It's cool but our meals are different as compared to the western foods. They take coffee or milo as their breakfast and it goes with how their foods are. In America for instance, breakfast will be bread and croissant, scrambled eggs or omelet and cappuccino. That is their culture.

In Africa, the kinds of foods we eat are very heavy and have longer time to digest. So we need to know the time to take and how to take. There is a saying that, eat like a king in the morning, a Prince in the afternoon and as a poor man in the evening. This is because in the morning, there is enough time for food to digest as compared to night. Since in Africa, we eat foods like banku, fufu, rice balls, yam and others high carbohydrate foods, it is important to eat those foods in the morning.

So eat like a king means eat heavy in the morning, eat like a Prince in the afternoon means eat moderate and as a poor man means eat like you have nothing in the evening. Eating heavy foods in the morning will make it digest well. When those foods are taken at night, it will not digest well which will cause problems at the long run.

Foods to eat in the morning should be banku, fufu, ampesi etc. In the afternoon you can eat rice, plantain, etc and in the evening you eat light foods like porridge, beverages and others. Light foods at night in the sense that, they will digest well before you sleep. When you eat fufu at night, it will not be able to digest well and cause bloating. Eating oily food is also bad at night because oil has high satiety and takes very longer time to digest. When taken at night, it won't digest well and later cause health problems.

In the nutshell, heavy foods, carbohydrate rich food and oily foods must be taken in the morning and afternoon so that it can take time to digest well. Beverages and porridge (light diets) should be taken at night for a healthy living.