Why New Photos Of Tems Are Causing Reactions Online


People are usually surprised and always want to react when their favorite celebrities start doing what they are not really known for. This is the case of the Nigerian singer, Tems, who has shocked her fans with the new set of photos she uploaded online.

These photos were uploaded on her Instagram story and they have made a lot of her fans react as they were seen across social media, sharing their thoughts and opinion on the photos. Now, this is the reason why her new photos on Instagram are causing reactions.

The Nigerian Singer, Tems is known for always putting on big dresses and baggy outfits which are usually covering almost all the parts of her body. This has made a lot of people wonder why she is always dressed like that as so many female artistes who sing secular songs are not usually dressed that way. So many of her fans have been seen online complaining of how she usually dressed as some of them were interested in seeing what her body shape actually looks like. These big outfits Tems put on makes it hard to really figure out what her body stature looks like.

However, Tems has finally revealed her body structure in the new photos she uploaded on her Insta Story and this is why a lot of people are reacting as they found it hard to believe that Tems will ever put on and even go ahead to snap and upload a picture of her in her swimming attire which will reveal her body. A lot of her fans were so excited to see her, finally putting on such dress and couldn’t contain their excitements as they started dropping various reactions on the pictures and also were seen complimenting her. 

Tems is a very beautiful female artiste and she has been able to gather a lot of fans after she got nominated for the headies award. Her style of music is so spectacular and she has a type of voice that is similar to none in the music industry.

Look at people’s reactions to her new pictures below. 

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