Do This To Protect Yourself From Any Black Powers Against Your Life.


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Hello my lovely people , cherish readers and followers, my name is Mr. Fred and I once come your way with another powerful rituals that can protect you from any black powers against you and destroyed any plans of evil against you.

I always say that, in this life the most painful aspect is when someone is fighting against you and you cannot see the person but the person always sees you. This is why I want to help those who want to help themselves.In this article, am going to show you how you can protect yourself from any black powers against you . Now lets get started and we shouldn't drink all the soup while there is more food to eat .

Things needed

1. Lavender Incense

2. Three (3) white candles

3. One (1) white lace

4. Scissors

How to do it

1. You have to find a room where you are sure no one will bother you for a while

2. Before you do anything Light up the incense

3. Relax and concentrate for a few minutes. It is important that your mind is prepared to perform this rituals.

4. Now light up the candles and lay them out forming a triangle

5. Take the white lace and stretch your arms over your head. While you do say this incantations out loud

" May the dark forces around me leave forever and never return"

6. Now pick up the scissors cut the white lace and the two pieces inside the triangle formed by the candles.

Then you have to wait until the candles burn out. Once they have , the black magic or powers will left your life for good. Just in case , keep the white lace you cut close to you.

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