Lies That Women Might Tell Their Boyfriends - OPINION

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Women are known to be masters of keeping secrets and lying with a straight face. Women can cheat on you for years and you'll never suspect her.

Here are some of the lies women might tell their boyfriends :-

#1 Paternity of the child

One of the most dangerous lies women tell is the paternity of the child. A mother always knows the father of the child but die to financial statuses they'll probably choose the one that's able to provide.

#2 People they've slept with

Women don't really want to come clear about the people they've date let alone the number of men they've slept with. Well, asking about it is actually considered rude. And they'll never tell the exact number.

#3 How they've spent

No women will actually tell you how much they've spent on their shoes and bags. But if they're around friends you'll hear them bragging about their Macheal Kors bag that cost certain amount.


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