Minnie Dlamini criticized MacG post but fans Didn't give him a chance, they attacked her

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Topic: Minnie Dlamini criticized MacG post but fans didn't give him a chancd, they attacked her.

It has became popular and well known that the celebrities of South Africa will mostly react on the current issues or political status qou.

Unfortunately it is not mostly that they concur with majority of South Africans.

Minnie Dlamini, "The Mac G and Jub Jub podcast is the most degrading piece of content I wish I never consumed. I couldn’t even finish it! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Women can’t be spoken about like this and it’s condoned?! Do better!!!"

Chris Excel, "The saddest part is do you know much we endure watching ur trash presenting on soccer Zone for 2 years with zero knowledge of football and we never Judged u."

"MacG didn't create the word 'smash'. Maybe we have to cancel the word itself within ourselves before we cancel him. All I see is directed anger and envy coz the guy is making it without calling mam' Baleka..."

Source: https://t.co/FJB2OKLg jW

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