Sad as Gumbo Siaya Governor Aspirant car gets attacked by rowdy youths in Bondo

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Nicholas Gumbo who is vieing for Saiya Gubernatorial position and his running mate David Ohito were attacked by rowdy youth in Bondo.

The two were headed to the AZIMIO rally but there came to an end when they were confronted by these rowdy youth.

After the attack, Nicholas posted on Twitter handle that, "The matter has been forwarded to the police for the goons responsible to be held accountable."

If AZIMIO are still bieng attacked by people in their hot cake zones what about Kenyans in other regions what would be their reactions.

This incident has potrayed a lot of information about AZIMIO acceptance in Bondo first.

AZIMIO are now losing the acceptance and it was just the other day when Martha Karua's Rally was disrupted in Gusii.

The calls for a lot of attention from the AZIMIO leo to restrategize themselves and aim to claim the votes in their zones first.

It's of no essence for the to struggle in Mt. Kenya while they are being rejected at home.

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