IGP’s Silence On Police Brutality During Demo Speaks Volumes- Where Are The Promises?

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The inspector general of police also made promises. Politicians are not the only victims of promises and the failures that comes with them. When being sworn into office, he promised that the police will be the friends of all Ghanaians.

He revealed that he will ensure that Ghanaians get the opportunity to know that the police is our friend. This and many other powerful statements from him gave people hope.

However, his silence on the numerous police brutalities has led to question from Ghanaians. People are asking about how he could keep mute about these brutalities when these acts have been aired on the media and known to all.

Even though spoken about a few, he is demanded to ensure that his people are kept in their lanes and are deployed to do what they pledged the state they were going to do. Has Dampare gotten comfortable and forgotten his promises?

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