Have you noticed this strange image on zuma rock, take a look at some myths about it


Africa is blessed with with a lot of mountainous regions which serve as tourist sites and source of sceneries for tourists to enjoy.

These mountains are sometimes not just any heaped up sand and rocks from several million years but most of them are sacred and have several historical significance.

One of the huge rocks we will be talking about is the zuma rock and I know a lot of you must have heard of it one way or the other but for the sake of those who don’t know much about it, it is a natural large or huge igneous rock located in niger state in Nigeria.

There have been a lot of speculations and myths about this mysterious rock which has lasted for a long time now ranging from its huge nature to inscriptions which appear boldly on the rock.

1.The human like drawing you see in the rocks picture below is no man made but rather appeared naturally and it beloved to represent ancient powerful deity of prosperity and protection.

2.The Gwari people of Nigeria also believe that the rock serves as a final resting place and the after world of some prominent ancient warriors and forefathers.

3.The rock’s peak is so high in the sky that it hasn’t being discovered yet or no known person has testified to ever reaching its peak.

Some say during the raining season flames appear to be burning there as to whether it is true or it is a myth we await verification.

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