“She’s very secretive”: See what Tv3’s Ayisha Yakubu did that has got many talking


Ayisha Yakubu of Tv3 is one decent, hardworking and beautiful lady who is a role model for many in terms of morals, education and fashion inspiration. She is always fully clothed and doesn’t engage in or entertain any drama of any sort and this has increased the respect people have for her and Muslim women in general. 

She was able to keep news of her marriage on the low, with no social media interference. Not even Tv3 or her fellow colleagues knew of such until after the ceremony. It was rumoured that there was an upcoming wedding involving her but since there was no evidence to support it, one just had to forget about it. But it seems these rumours have been proved right as Ayisha Yakubu recently tied the knot in an all but simple ceremony, Islam style. She has proven to some of us that, even celebrities need some privacy and not every aspect of your life must be placed on social media due to the disadvantages it brings and especially when such achievements are not permanent. 

The ceremony screamed wealth and affluence although it was held in a solemn and peaceful atmosphere. She looked fascinating in all three change of clothes and Ayisha being a beautiful lady, made her beauty spread all over the place.

One thing though that somehow disqualified the wedding and made her lose some marks, was the absence of observing Covid protocols such as wearing of nose masks and observing social distancing. People were crowded with no sign of social distancing and even the couples had no nose masks on. These public figures have to consider putting these measures in place because we are not in normal times and the public looks up to them because we believe that they know what is right first hand. 

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