Top 10 Africa countries with the most beautiful women. See the list

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These are the top 10 Africa countries with the most beautiful women . All women are beautiful and special in their own way. This article is not meant to say some women more beautiful than others but to show the natural beautiful of every African woman around the continent. The black woman is beautiful , the chocolate skin woman is beautiful and the light skin woman is beautiful. We are going to start from the 10th position to the 1st position.

10. Kenya

Kenya women are gorgeous and have a good sense of fashion. They are dark as they come but if you are looking for smooth dark skin that glows , Kenya women got it.


The kingdom of Eswatini might not look as much but they have one of the most beautiful women in the game. What makes Eswatini women standout gracefully is their traditional outfits with almost every girl or woman wears with pride.


One of the many things that set aside Tanzania women from the rest , is they are cultured . They are very caring and once you fall in love there is no going back. They give men sleepless night, with their beautiful smile.

7. Nigeria

Nigeria women are very beautiful, curvy ,charming and classic. They are very famous for being tall , dark and romantically appealing .

6. Cameroon

If you have ever visited the country you will understand when I say Cameroonian girls are the real deal . They are beautiful, gorgeous beyond measures, friendly and adventures .

5. Ghana

Walk the street of Ghana and you will be amazed at how curvy Ghanaian girls are . Ghanaian women are of average height and they come in all skin tones , chocolate, dark, super dark and light skin. Ghanaian girls are super friendly. This is a point notice by almost who as visit Ghana before.

4. South Africa.

In 2019 Zonzibini Tunzi was crown miss Universe . South Africa women are so gorgeous amd beautiful . And sincerely speaking, they are the most polite people you will ever meet.

3. Egypt.

The world sees Egypt to be the up of Africa beauty but I bet it differ as there are several countries in Africa that could easily matched there look . But regardless Egyptian women are gorgeous, sweet and soft.

2. Ethiopia.

Women from Ethiopia are very charming and gorgeous. There physical look are very attractive. They have chocolate skin , soft and cute hair.

1. Somalia .

All Africa women are gorgeous in their own way. But Somali girls are just way over the top. And we can't help but to give them the number one spot on the list. Obviously not because they are better than the rest. But simply because they are the most talk about . Everyone knows it for a fact Somali girls are beautiful. See photos below .

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