Nickelodeon: Between Mae And Mika Who Is Hotter? (See Photos).

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Nickelodeon: Between Mae And Mika Who Is Hotter? ( See Photos ).

1. Mae

Mae real name is know as Kyla Drew simmon, who is famous for her lead role in the Nickelodeon TV series called Nicky, Ricky, dicky and Dawn. Mae played the role as Dawn best friend. Mae was bron on the 17 of April 2004. Mae is one of the beautiful and hottest female teenage actress in Nickelodeon.

2. Mika

Mika is one if the beautiful and attractive female aactress in Nickelodeon. Mika is know as Dana Heath, who is famous for her role as Mika in the nickelodeon series danger force. Mika was bron on April 10 2006. Mika is also currently working for Nickelodeon, playing a main role of the 2020 comedy spin-off series called danger force.

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