Robert Burale Now Lifts Lid On Number Of Women 'Flocking' His Dms

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City preacher and relationship coach Burale at an interview with local TV station today has in totality opened up to his previous and current sex life. Burale admitted to having numerous partners while he was still a student at the UK, a move he regrets todate.

He also revealed that even these days, a lot of women still throw themselves to him daily as he can only liken it to the number and also the frequency of people taking malaria tablets. In response to whether he accepts the offers, he said that it's only his values which stop him.

"My values will not allow me. However, it's not like I don't sleep around because I don't have offers. I have offers like malaria tablets which is three times a day," said Robert Burale. While sending a precaution the youth not to copy his bad lifestyle in the UK, he said having multiple partners downgrades an individual.


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