Stunning Pictures Of Bimbo Ademoye And Destiny Etiko. Whose Picture Is More Tempting (Photos)


Stunning Pictures Of Bimbo Ademoye And Destiny Etiko. Whose Picture Is More Tempting (Photos)

We are all perfectly and brilliantly made by our creator no matter our skin colour.

God made everybody wonderfully and specifically, that is the reason I said we are perfectly and brilliantly made by God. 

This article, I will be comparing two awesome personality Destiny Etiko and Bimbo then at the end of this post, you will select whose picture is more tempting and stunning.

Bimbo Ademoye

Bimbo Ademoye is one of the fast-rising Nigerian entertainer, model and television character. 

She was given birth on the fourth of February, 1991 in Lagos to God-fearing family members of Mr and Mrs Adekunle Ademoye. She grew up in Lagos State. 

Bimbo Ademoye is skilful, gifted, competent and energetic Nollywood entertainer. Her favourite area of specialisation is giving a meaningful interpretation to movies, films and can also be given any role to act as allocated by movie directors and makers in the business. She is, in reality, a wonderful individual to take as a mentor in Nollywood films industry.

See her pictures below;

Destiny Etiko

Etiko is a well known and a popular figure in the Nollywood industry because of her stunning body. She's from Enugu state. She got popular after her assignment in the film "Idemili". Despite the fact that she had featured in a lot of films before "Idemili", she was not known till the arrival of "idemili". From that point forward the lovely on-screen character has gone ahead of time to act in a lot of movies. There isn't any uncertainty that Destiny Etiko is capable. This clarifies why she is the favourite of different filmmakers. She continually offers her charming and amazing jobs incredibly. 

Besides her ability, she is apparently one of the curviest Nollywood on-screen characters we have around. Do you agree that she is curvier than Bimbo Ademoye? See her photographs;


Whose picture is more stunning and tempting?