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Jubjub makes fun of Sumthing Soweto's voice


Sources: This is Colbert Twitter page

During his interview on MacG's podcast Jubjub reveals that Sumthing Soweto refused to work with him on the song called Ndikhokele remix. Jubjub made a remix of this song as a come back song for him to the entertainment industry, but Sumthing Soweto did not show interested to work with him and that shows that Jubjub is still not happy about it. Jubjub makes fun of Sumthing Soweto's voice and the way he sings. Why would he make fun of Sumthing Soweto's voice just because he refused to work wih him on the song.

Jubjub also revealed that many artists showed their interest as soon as Jubjub asked them to work with him. The song did wonders into the online streaming services, because many of his fans were missing him since he came out of prison. Jubjub made the remix of the song Ndikhokele to give back to the parents of the children who died because of the accident in 2012. Many South Africans were happy to see the generous heart that he has and they were happy to hear the work that he has put in with other artists.

In my opinion i think what Jubjub did is wrong to talk about Sumthing Soweto like that. It is also wrong for MacG to find that funny just to get many viewers on his show. Many South Africans love Sumthing Soweto and just the way he sings, his music has changed a lot of people's lives and created many jobs at the same time. I think all those artists who were willing to work with Jubjub only did for money and nothing else. Jubjub has a talent but he should not disrespect other artists about the way they do their job.

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