Beautiful family photo of JHS student who allegedly committed suicide in school at Sunyani

The tragic death which has flooded over the media landscapes is a 17-Year-old student who has allegedly committed suicide in school (Miracle Senior High School) at Suyani.

Howerver, the deceased's mother has denied the report concerning her daughter committed suicide but she was murdered and hanged to death. Because according to Doctor's examination, nothing indicates of suicide on her body.

One of things we battle as African is child emotional support, our parents, environment are not too friendly in the up bringing of a child, that is from home to school no one care to know how you feel, people talk to us anyhow and we fail to know the temperament of our children.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians are anticipated about the issue concerning the information from the Doctor. They suspected a "foul play" leading to her death because anyone who hangs himself/ herself have their tongue out of which none was found.

Cute family picture of the JHS student, Leticia Kyere Pinaman, that indicates she has a loved family.