GPRTU reveals: We may increase transport prices by 15 percent; The government has been informed

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TV3'S Alfred Ocansey sat in for regular host Dzifa Bampoe. The panel members on the Keypoints'show included Masters Tasunti and Boakye.

Discussions on the show hovered around the possibility of cushioning prices for fuel consumers and each panel member had a different opinion to the issue.

The Industrial Relations for GPRTU, Alhaji Abass Moro, told Alfred Ocansey that the Union has proposed an increment of transport prices due to the recent inching up of fuel prices.

When TV3's journalist, Alfred Ocansey asked about what percentage has been proposed, the GPRTU representative explained that they presented a 15percent increment to the Transport Ministry but the Ministry is yet to respond.

Alfred Ocansey recounted how the GPRTU did a similar proposal some time ago and increased the transport fare to 20 percent. Alhaji Abass explained that it was because they had not received any response from the Transport Ministry.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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