Do You Remember Inspector Bediako? The Change Is Too Much.


Every prosperous society has a long and illustrious history. When it comes to success, many Ghanaians remember the Inspector Bediako television series, which premiered in 1990. All of us were probably still toddlers at the time. Inspector Bediako was a crime investigation series in which Oscar Provencal starred as the main character.

Kojo Yankah, the creator of the once-popular series, realized he couldn't do it alone and enlisted the help of Odie Hawkins to write and direct Inspector Bediako.

The series' primary goal was to catch offenders who terrorized the neighborhood. Inspector Bediako was always effective in apprehending his criminals, no matter how difficult the case was. He was so good at what he did that many Ghanaians made it a point to watch the series whenever it was broadcast.

Inspector Bediako enlisted the help of the public in his investigation, which is something we can all benefit from in order to work together with security officers to bring offenders to justice.

The main character was a young man at the time. Oscar Provencal has gone through such a remarkable transition over the years. Many people who grew up watching the show in the 1990s will not remember him at first glance unless they are told.

The series was supposed to return in 2017, but there was no clarity from the producers' camp about whether or not it was ever going to happen. I'm sure Ghanaians will welcome the series' return to their television screens.